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With ICAROS, you can fly virtually through the Alps or explore exciting underwater landscapes. You control all of this by shifting your body weight in all spatial directions. The workouts are not only fun, but also improve reflexes and coordination skills and train various muscle groups. ICAROS systems are used for sports, strength and rehabilitation training. The exercises are ideal for building muscles and improving the stability and functionality of the upper body.


The combination of slow full-body workouts, cold and compression builds strength, endurance and
muscle mass. The method boosts metabolism and fat burning and is gentle on joints.
In just 21 minutes - without breaking a sweat - you can achieve results that would otherwise take 90 minutes.
Stress hormones are reduced, growth hormones and testosterone are brought to a natural maximum. This massively accelerates the natural regeneration process as well as muscle building and increases the general zest for life.

VASPER, developed at the NASA Research Center, represents the most current scientific status of hormone-optimising movement systems and is the wonder weapon for almost every training and rehabilitation goal. CORTHEA is pleased to exclusively provide its members with the first VASPER in Austria and the third in Europe.


The latest in sports science meets the most up-to-date technology:

The D-Wall makes it possible to perform every movement sequence in maximum control with precisely defined performance parameters. The system allows the perfect execution of hundreds of exercises with a focus on posture, functional training, balance and strength building.

The integrated 3D camera and other intelligent sensors detect every movement of 16 body joints and generate immediate feedback. One learns optimal movement sequences, enabling sustainable prevention of joints - for long-term enjoyment in achieving every training goal. The D-Wall serves as an ideal optimisation for almost every sporting discipline.


Walker View provides a complete analysis of strengths and weaknesses in movement patterns. It is not a simple treadmill but an analysis laboratory capable of performing a postural analysis report of walking and gait analysis. The immediate and objective feedback allows members to improve their walking posture as well as lower limb loading. The SCX speed control applied to the Walker View system redefines the world of treadmills.

The Walker View works in self-adaptive mode and is able to recognise the user's gesture and adapt to the rhythm step by step. Of course, this device is an expert training tool.


IHHT stands for Interval/Intermittent Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy. According to the IHHT method, cell training belongs to the oxygen therapies and is a form of simulated altitude training to improve energy production in the power plants of the cells, the mitochondria. At CORTHEA, this is combined with cardio training to create highly efficient training units that have extraordinary and long-term effects on the entire physiological system.


Cold is a central component of the CORTHEA system. In the cold chamber, the body is exposed to temperatures of up to -110 °C for three minutes. This releases endorphins, strengthens the immune system and boosts metabolism and blood circulation. The result is a significant reduction in stress hormones, reduced fatigue, more vital energy and resilience. The cold gives the body strong stimuli to activate its self-healing process. Last but not least, our largest organ - the skin - also benefits massively from this.


Our organism suffers from chronic light deficiency in western society. NovoTHOR represents the gold standard in light therapy. Regular fifteen-minute sessions will promote blood circulation, increase the body's own collagen production, lower inflammatory reactions in the body, regenerate the muscles, help with chronic pain and sustainably increase mood and general well-being.


Massaging is one of the oldest and most widely known healing methods. The beneficial effect is immediately noticeable, but a good massage can move much more in depth. During a massage, the body produces fewer stress hormones and releases more relaxation and happiness hormones, such as endorphins and oxytocin. The increased blood flow to muscles, skin and connective tissue can ease tension and slow down messenger substances that make us feel pain. The holistic effect of a massage is not only aimed at the treated area, but also at the entire organism and the psyche.


Pilates is just as intensive as gentle strength training for the whole body. The focus is on the centre of the body, the "powerhouse", which is always active during training. Controlled movements specifically train the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles.

For even more effective training, CORTHEA uses the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. These Pilates devices improve feedback, increase motor learning and thus the efficiency of the Pilates training.


Yoga is an excellent way to bring body, mind and soul into harmony and thereby increase personal well-being. Thanks to the various asanas (yoga postures) and breathing exercises, the millennia-old practice of yoga improves the body's flexibility, strength and endurance. It not only promotes fitness, but also leads to beneficial relaxation and stress reduction.

Through the regular weekly classes, CORTHEA members can embark on their own individual yoga journey and immerse themselves in this very special philosophy of life.


Sit back, relax and regenerate your legs with a customisable pressure massage from Therabody. Recovery-Air Technology™ applies precise pressure to maximise circulation and promote regeneration. Significant leg relief is noticeable immediately after treatment.


The sound of a singing bowl touches our innermost being and makes the soul vibrate. This massage directly addresses the vagus nerve through the ear, which balances the nervous system. The broad spectrum of vibrations of the singing bowl brings the body cells into resonance and harmony. A singing bowl massage is like a small journey whose holistic effect can be experienced directly and over and over again.

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